About Us


JA Electronica is a company founded on June 16, 1994 with focus on the electrical components of transformed vehicles.


Today we develop and manufacture custom advanced tactile control and information panels, intelligent power distribution systems and high quality custom cable harness.


Quality policy

We believe in complete satisfaction of our customer, the adjusted response to their needs and providing products and high standards of quality services at competitive prices and the agreed deadlines;

We believe the best suppliers to guarantee continuous improvement and the ability to meet the growing demands of our customers;

We invest in personal and professional fulfillment of our employees, optimizing their capacities and skills, contributing to their development, training and motivation.



Develop and manufacture high quality, high reliability, low cost quality and performance in the design, development and installation of electrical and electronic products for the transformation and adaptation of vehicles.


A strategic partner of the manufacturing industry and adaptation of vehicles to specific functions for the development of solutions and supply of electrical and electronic products as well as specialized services, ensuring high quality standards, competitive prices and compliance with the agreed deadlines.

Core values

Partnership, innovation, continuous improvement, reliability and commitment.